What to Eat When You are in Thrissur?

 Thrissur, commonly known as Trichur, is a city in Kerala renowned as the "Cultural Capital of Kerala." It has a rich historical and cultural legacy. The climate, local crops, as well as migration and the arrival of numerous religions, have all had a significant impact on the cuisine of Thrissur. Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and even Judaism have all influenced the development of Thrissur's culinary culture. Food can therefore be very mild, very sweet, highly spicy, or any other taste in between. Rarely can the taste found in Thrissur be compared to that of any other location. If you are visiting the city and want to taste the authentic cuisine of the place then food delivery in Thrissur might be the best option for you. 

Foods you must try in Thrissur 

There are a lot of places to explore when you are visiting this beautiful coastal region of Southwest India. Along with soaking in the absolute serenity of this place, a few of the food items that you are try while in Thrissur are as follows:  


The specialty Puttu is primarily consumed in Kerala. A cylindrical form of ground rice and coconut powder are placed within metal or bamboo holders. The holders are then steam-treated. It is a dish that is served for breakfast and goes well with many other sides. 


The Vellayappam of Thrissur is extremely well-known and revered, especially in the vicinity of the Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours. It is created with a batter composed of grated coconut and roast rice flour that has a pancake-like appearance and flavor. Yeast or other organic processes are used to leaven the batter. Several side dishes can be served with it. 

Mixed Vegetable Avial 

One of the region's signature foods, avial is a crucial component of meals. A variety of readily accessible veggies are cooked with coconut before being seasoned with curry leaves, coconut oil, and either mustard seeds or not. It has several recipes and regional variations and is a highly healthful food. 

Meen Porichathu 

Meen Porichathu is an aromatic and flavorful fish fry recipe from this area. Ginger, garlic, red and green chilies, black pepper, fennel, and curry leaves are just a few of the spices used to prepare the dish. It is a typical evening dish in this region and its surroundings, particularly along the seaside. 


The sweet delicacy achappam originates from the Thrissur region and resembles a biscuit or cookie. Its texture is airy, and its taste is subtly sweet. It is decorated beautifully by pressing a batter consisting of rice flour and coconut into a mould. With black sesame seeds, they are delicately fried. Evenings with tea are when it tastes best. A distinctive crunch can also be found in achappam. 

Banana Chips 

This region's banana chips are well-known worldwide for their unique flavor. A specific coconut oil is used to fry the somewhat thinly cut banana chunks. The chips' flavor is distinctive as a result. Among the locals, it is yet another favorite food. 

Malabar Mutton Biriyani 

Genuine Malabar Mutton Biriyani is unlike any other Biriyani that is prepared throughout India in flavor. The painfully drawn-out procedure of making the biryani is evident when you taste it. Many different spices and extracts are present, and they are noticeable in the mouth. 


A lush, leafy, emerald-green side dish is called poduthol. There are many components used in it, including beans, unripe jackfruit, carrots, bananas, bitter gourds, and other vegetables. To add flavor and heat, the meal is spiced with grated coconut, garlic, turmeric, and onions. Particularly during weddings, it is traditionally prepared for lunch and dinner. However, you can also get the same anytime through food delivery services in Thrissur. 

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